Lawn Renovation

For lawns that are looking a bit tired and thin or where perhaps the weeds and moss have become the dominant feature then Lawn Style can perform a 5 point lawn renovation service to rejuvinate your lawn. This service is normally provided in the early spring or late summer/early autumn so as to allow the lawn the best possible chance of recovery.  


The first phase in the renovation process is to apply a combination fertiliser, selective weed killer and moss killer suitable for the time of year in order to remove the lawn weeds, kill any moss and give the grass a much needed boost ready for the treatments to follow in 1 to 2 weeks time.



The second phase is to aerate the lawn with a hollow core aerator to remove hundreds of finger sized plugs of soil from the lawn.



The third phase is to scarify the lawn to remove the thatch layer and moss.


The fourth phase is to overseed the entire lawn with a suitable grass seed.



The final phase is to spread a suitable top dressing over the lawn which is then brushed into the surface.